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Leadership is the brain and the heart of the organisational symphony – orchestrating a positive culture of innovation, quality and people excellence.

Effective Leaders stay rooted in their mission and meaning, inspire, motivate and communicate goals and expectations. They role model best practices for extraordinary performance – managing stakeholder expectations, holding accountability and leading the team with humility. In this uncertain and ambiguous global economy, a leader needs to leverage the collective will of the team, to succeed and create a future-ready organisations. This she does consciously, leading with an attitude of appreciation, empowerment and result orientation.

Such leaders are needed at all levels of an organization and they need to inspire RESULTS from their team members. A potential leader also needs to uncover her leadership strengths and style, as there is no definitive leadership model that fits all organisations. As the global economies undergoes unpredictable changes, one needs to learn the skills to lead in an ambiguous and volatile environment. The “one size fits all” philosophy is no longer relevant when it comes to leadership. Therefore, a leader needs a tool that provides her with a CLEAR DIRECTION and the ability to ADAPT it in different countries, cultures and contexts (3Cs) – without compromising local values and priorities.

Positive Performance Leadership

You have the power of research and proven principles that lay down the blueprint for leadership and successful teams.

PRISM 7 Pillars

Positive Performance Leadership (PPL) is based on the principles of traditional and non-traditional approaches to Leadership Development. PPL is a research based leadership development program that has 7 pillars, on which various practices and tools are built.

The pillars include inspiring the hearts and minds of your team members, influencing your team for peak performance, getting the best out of your team by showing appreciation in meaningful ways that will prompt people to be self-driven towards creating extraordinary results. With these 7 pillars in place, a leader will be able to create positivity and performance in any organization and team. The KEY thrust of the PPL are Positivity and Performance.

Key Thrusts


The WAY people create results

Orientation of the Culture

Emotional and Thought Focused


The EVALUATION of the results

Task Oriented

Action Focused

Learning Outcomes

In the PPL program, leaders explore alternative mental models to engage their teams and inspire performance. In addition, they learn and practice the following skills.

Inspire action through meaningful engagement, motivation and care for the team.
Demonstrate pro-active and positive leadership qualities through role-modelling.
Fuel innovation through asset based thinking and co-creative networks.
Value efforts through conscious appreciation and recognition.
Prepare for future readiness and transformation through coaching, learning and change.
Be authentic and present, communicate deliberately with empathy.
Be open to reciprocal influence by empowering conversations and collaboration.

Program Structure

The delivery of program is done in 3 phases

  1. Pre-Work: Reading & Reflection
  2. Two-day Intensive Workshop
  3. Coaching for 3 months after the workshop

Participants will be awarded a certificate after the completion of 3 month PPL program.

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